Haunted History

Terrace Inn is known to have a haunted history. According to a rumor, two workers died when a beam fell on them during construction work. Ghosts have been seen, heard, and felt by several guests and employees. Many paranormal investigations have taken place here while the psychics, sensitivities, and others with extrasensory abilities have filled in the missing pieces of the spirits inhabiting the inn. We do not want you to worry as no strong references for the paranormal presence, or other negative experiences have been observed.

Featured on the News: Inside the haunted terrace Inn

"All the accounts are similar, written from strangers over a span of 25 years experiences ranging from seeing shadows of a man, hearing footsteps, and the sounds of a party even when the hotel is vacant. "One night we were sitting right here with a group of women we had about 12 people and just as we started to talk the piano behind me started playing on its own," said
Chris Struble, owner of Petoskey Yesterday tours."

Taken from Inside the Haunted Terrace Inn in Petoskey.

Rooms that are haunted: 211

Please be sure to rent room 211 as we have heard there is activity there from time to time.


Romantic get away The Terrace Inn is quite a nicely restored Inn. The staff is very accommodating. It is quiet and enjoyable and relaxing. I highly recommend a visit there. The surrounding Victorian homes are delightful to view and enjoy.
History everywhere While I have visited the Petoskey area many times and stayed in several other places, this was the first time I along with a neighboring couple, had stayed at the Terrace, dined in the 1911 Restaurant and really wandered through Bay View. All was up to expectations even if the rooms in this historic property are on the small side. The restaurant was top notch and the staff could not have been more accommodating. And after much of the summer to adapt to making visitors feel safe in the era of Covid-19, the protocols were strictly enforced and yet seemed natura
Great Choice very cozy place, located in a quiet and nice neighborhood. Staff is very welcoming, helpful and nice. Food is delicious. Indeed a great option not far from man location that you can reach in a short drive. it is really a hotel I will be back and stay again.
I just returned from a weekend Yoga retreat at the Terrace Inn with renouned Yoga instructor, Cindy Gray. The Inn is filled with charm and character and turned out to be a great place to practice Yoga. The owners, Patty and Mo, welcomed us like family. There are several lounge areas to sit and read or simply relax. The Inn is situated in the middle of the 100+ year old Victorian Bay View neighborhood and is 2 blocks from Lake Michigan and there are many parks in the area. It's a great place to walk, run or cross country ski or just sit on the porch take in the view. The food was excellent. The Chicken Hemingway and potato leak soup can't be beat. I love this Inn, I love the area, and I will return. However, I will not stay in Room #211. I stayed alone in the room and had a hair-raising experience with one of the paranormal inhabitants. I was told later that a lot of the paranormal activity takes place in this room and in this wing of the building, mostly on the 2nd and 3rd floors. I have chills just typing about it. There are many people who enjoy this type of thrill.